A political statement by Ibn Daghr and Jabbari directing accusations against the Arab Coalition

English - الأربعاء 01 ديسمبر 2021 الساعة 07:52 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

A joint statement by former Prime Minister Ahmed bin Daghr and Deputy Speaker of Parliament Abdulaziz Jabbari accused the Arab coalition of implicitly paralyzing the legitimacy of the system and moving Yemen to "goals different from those announced by Decisive Storm."

They also pointed out what the people suffer from "poverty, hunger and disease", claiming that state institutions "have stopped working, except for formalities", and that the national army is "fighting with minimal means."

While they referred to the rampant corruption and the collapse of the currency, and what they described as a complete security chaos, they accused an unknown party of being behind the decision to stop paying salaries, considering it a "constitutional and legal violation that bears the burden of the decision to arrest it."

The statement called on "all the people of the country to form a savior alliance, which derives its goals and principles from the principles and values of the Yemeni revolution, an alliance that rejects the return of the Imamate, preserves the republic and defends the unity of a federal state, and puts the nation's supreme interests alone in the foreground."

Unusually, the politicians’ statement, Ibn Daghr and Jabbari, ruled out the desire to obtain Gulf support, as he called for “a national coalition that seeks an immediate end to the war, and a comprehensive national dialogue from which no one is excluded, under international sponsorship and national support.”

In the statement published on the social networking site (Facebook), they indicated that the goal of the coalition is "to reach a just, lasting and comprehensive peace, based on the national references that were once the subject of national consensus."

The statement is expected to provoke widespread controversy in the political and media circles.