The Giants Brigade seizes heavy weapons from the Houthis in Shabwa

English - الأربعاء 05 يناير 2022 الساعة 09:22 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

 The forces of the Giants Brigades seized a large arsenal of weapons from the Houthi militia, the Iranian arm in Yemen, during the fierce battles in Bayhan, Shabwa Governorate, southeast of Yemen.

The forces of the giants took control of a number of crews and military vehicles, and large quantities of weapons and ammunition, during the battle to liberate the city of Naqoub in the Usaylan district, west of Shabwa.

During the battles, the Houthi militia suffered heavy losses in equipment and lives, as dozens of its members were killed and wounded in battles with the giants' forces.

 Today the forces of the Giants Brigades announced the liberation of the camp of the 163rd Infantry Brigade in Bayhan, to the northwest of Shabwa.

It also succeeded in clearing the towns of "Al-Safra", "Al-Salim" and "Al-Alam", which are strategic mountainous heights located in the Usaylan District, where the Houthi militias were firmly entrenched.

 Yesterday evening, the Giants forces penetrated 4 kilometers deep from the city of Al-Naqoub towards Bayhan, and succeeded in liberating the "Al-Saadi" junction; The line linking the governorate of Shabwa and the governorates of Marib and Al-Bayda.