Politicians: "Army of the South Arab" is the safety valve of the south and the loyal partner of the coalition

English - الخميس 06 يناير 2022 الساعة 04:52 م
Shabwa, NewsYemen, private:

The southern community confirmed, through the hashtag (#Army_of_the_Arab), that the Army of the South, with the forces of the Southern Giants Brigades at the forefront, is the safety valve of the south, and the loyal partner of the Arab coalition, coinciding with victory, pride and immortal days experienced by Shabwa Governorate after legendary victories that defeated terrorism with both sides of the Houthis  and the brotherhood.

The official spokesman for the southern forces, Muhammad al-Naqib, said that the army of the South, with the Southern Giants Brigades at its forefront, is through it and through it the present, destiny and future of the homeland, people and state of South Arabia are determined.

He added: With it, the Arab coalition countries found a loyal and honest partner in confronting Persian ambitions, and with it the storm of firmness and the restoration of hope was and is a hurricane on earth, the hurricane of the mighty south.

The professor of political science, Dr.  Saddam Abdullah, that there is no fear for Shabwa with the presence of the southern giants brigades, and the great support and incubator of the sons of Shabwa, who are shouting in secret and in public;  We will die and Shabwa will live with a proud head, and our mind will not rest until every inch of Shabwa is liberated under the bosom of the south, especially since our strength and determination we inherited from our fathers, the heroes of the #Arab_South_Army.

The political activist, Abdel Qader Abu Al-Laim, indicated that the Army of South Arabia, led by the Southern Giants Brigades, is a safety valve in the south of the Arabian Peninsula and international shipping lines, partners in the war on terrorism, its dens and its sources, and one of the pillars of victories over Iran’s tails in the region.

And political activist Malik Al-Yafei tweeted: “The victories achieved by the Giants Brigades within days were not achieved by the Brotherhood’s armies in 7 years. This is if we assume that the Brotherhood is fighting Al-Houthi. However what happens is the opposite.  The South Arab Army in Shabwa, Marib was handed over to the Houthis as well as Nihm, al-Jawf and Bayhan…”.

The southern leader, Waddah bin Attia, said that the leaders of the Brotherhood in Shabwa were working to pave the way for the Houthis to reach the Arabian Sea to expand piracy, and at the same time, the leader Abu Zara'a Al-Muharrami, with the support of the coalition and the transitional, was preparing the equipment and preparing the force to liberate the districts of Baihan, purify Shabwa and cut off the road to Al-Houthi.

He added: Historic victories achieved by the giants in Shabwa, and these victories exposed the Brotherhood and showed their betrayal. That is why the Brotherhood and their partners were launching inflammatory media campaigns against the Giants’ forces and their leader, Brigadier General Abu Zara’a al-Muharrami, because the Brotherhood was conspiring with Al-Houthi and they were afraid of being exposed.

For his part, activist Nafeh bin Kulaib said, the successive victories achieved by the giants in the battle to liberate the Bihan districts from the Houthi militia showed the professional coordination between the southern giants and the leadership of the Arab coalition.