liberation of Bayhan.. Giants make victory amid the Brotherhood's betrayals

English - السبت 08 يناير 2022 الساعة 04:39 م
Aden, NewsYemen, special:

The southern giants security forces, on Friday, completed control of the second of three directorates handed over by the Brotherhood to the Houthi militia in Shabwa Governorate.

After the liberation of the usilan district, the giants recaptured the Upper Bayhan district from the Houthi militias after battles that ended with the southern forces taking control of the city of Al-Olaya and the fleeing of the militias towards the adjacent Al-Bayda 


The leader of the Southern Transitional Council, Ahmed Omar bin Farid, commented on the southern victories in Bayhan, stressing that the giants are making history in Shabwa.

Ibn Farid said, in a tweet on Twitter, that the bill for this mighty military action that was achieved in Shabwa was great, because the giants reduced time and fought as befits them.

He pointed out that the giants paid the bill with dozens of martyrs, and more of them were wounded, as a result of the betrayal of the Brotherhood's authority in Shabwa previously.

A member of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council, Salem Thabet Al-Awlaki, said in a tweet to him on Twitter, "From the beginning, we were sure of victory on the Bayhan fronts in record time."

He added: Our certainty of victory was based on our confidence in God, then in the strength of the truth and the cause, and in the southern rifle, which has defeated and is now defeating the Houthi militias in all the fields of the south, from Al-Dhalea to Aden to Al-Mandab and all the way to Baihan.

He concluded: Glory and eternity to the martyrs, healing to the wounded, and victory to the hurricane of the south, its men and giants.

Political and human rights activist, Anis al-Sharik, said that the victories achieved by the forces of the southern giants in Shabwa governorate upset the Brotherhood and the Houthis.

Sharik said, in a tweet on Twitter, that the victory of Shabwa and the liberation of Bayhan by the forces of the Southern Giants, and in less than four days, struck Al-Russa against the Houthi and Brotherhood groups and those behind them.