Al-Zubaidi blesses the victories of the giants: the sons of the south, the solid barrier against the Houthi militia

English - السبت 08 يناير 2022 الساعة 05:00 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

The President of the Southern Transitional Council, Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, congratulated the victories of the Giants Brigades, stressing that the people of the south, as they were and will remain the cornerstone of the resistance to the Houthi militias, and a solid barrier in the face of the militias and their supporters, and projects hostile to the south and the entire Arab region.

This came in a phone call with the Commander-in-Chief of the Southern Giants Forces, Brigadier General Abu Zara’a al-Muharrami, in which he congratulated him and the rest of the people of Shabwa and the south for the great victories that were achieved at the hands of the forces of the giants and the southern resistance of the heroes of Shabwa, who wrote a legendary epic that drew the features of victory and empowerment.

Al-Zubaidi stressed that those huge sacrifices made by the forces of the southern giants and the southern resistance from the sons of Shabwa and the south dictated the facts of history and the fact that the southerners are like a solid structure that pulls each other together.

He praised the great roles played by the Arab coalition forces under the leadership of the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the active participation of the sisterly United Arab Emirates, which affirmed the unity of destiny, challenges and common responsibilities, and proved that everyone is in one barricade to confront and bury hostile projects, extending thanks and appreciation to the Arab coalition countries for what they offer.  Of support and attribution and positions will be written in the brightest pages of history.

He expressed his pride and pride in the heroic epics of the southern armed forces on various fronts in confronting the Houthi militias, and at the forefront of that great feats that the forces of the southern giants have been accomplishing over the past years.. pity on the convoys of martyrs who gave their lives in order to confront those rebellious militias supported by Iran, wishing a speedy recovery  To the dearly wounded, stressing that these heavy and precious sacrifices will not be in vain, but will make a new dawn for our people and our southern homeland.

For his part, Brigadier General Abu Zara'a confirmed that Operation Southern Cyclone is on its way to liberate what remains of our country under the control of the Houthi militias and terrorist organizations, and thanked the leader for his contact and unlimited support for the forces of the southern giants.