Politician from the Murad tribe: The victories of the giants slap the national army and a message explaining the betrayals of the Brotherhood

English - السبت 08 يناير 2022 الساعة 06:24 م
Marib, NewsYemen, Private:

Political activist Hamza Abdullah Al-Muradi, a member of the Murad Al-Maribi tribe, considered that the advance of the southern giants in Bayhan and the liberation of all these vast areas so quickly is a blow to the so-called National Army, which was unable to repel the Houthis for one hour in Bayhan.

 Al-Muradi wished, in a tweet ton Twitter, that these victories would be a sufficient message for the Saudi Arabia to admit their mistakes and that they relied during these years on a group of corrupt people, who could not lead their homes, let alone the leadership of a state and an army.

He was optimistic about the year 2022 and said that it would be the year of salvation from these gangs that destroyed our country, plundered our wealth, killed our best youth, and scattered us all over the world.

He blessed victory and liberation for the people of Shabwa in particular and the people of the south in general, adding: “Oh, people of Marib, let’s liberate our governorate from the Zaid organization with its Brotherhood and Houthi branches.”

In a previous tweet before the liberation of Bayhan, Al-Muradi said, the battles are at their fiercest on the fronts of Bayhan!

 At the same time, the Brotherhood gangs represented by the Supreme Commander of their forces (Ali Mohsen) froze the fronts surrounding the walls of the city of Marib, as well as the Houthi gangs stopped their attack and sent their legions to Bayhan to confront the giants of the south, and despite all that, the lions of the south will win.

The battle launched by the giant forces in Shabwa greatly confused the accounts of the Houthi militia and ended its dreams of approaching control of the city of Marib and the oil and gas sources after it was on its walls. The battles in Shabwa affected the course of the battle in Marib, which stopped the Houthi militia from making any progress on the southern front, and its retreat from attack to defense with the start of the battles in Shabwa.

In a previous interview with NewsYemen, Buhaibah, a member of the Murad tribe, believes that the victories of the Southern Giants forces "crushed the dreams of al-Houthi and his supporters in Iran by reaching the city of Marib and the oil and gas fields," recalling a previous speech to him that "Murad would not have betrayed from Shabwa side, if it was in the hands of its people and the forces of the south, and not in the hands of the Brotherhood's forces."