The giants are advancing from Shabwa towards Al-Bayda, and the coalition is destroying Houthi mechanisms

English - السبت 08 يناير 2022 الساعة 08:25 م
Shabwa, NewsYemen:

On Saturday, Saudi-led Arab coalition fighters launched air strikes, targeting military vehicles of the Houthi militia, in Shabwa Governorate, southeast of Yemen.

Local sources reported that the Arab coalition warplanes, led by Saudi Arabia, targeted combat crews and Houthi elements in two raids in the Najd and Al-Saq regions, west of Shabwa.

On Friday evening, Arab coalition fighters targeted Houthi militias and vehicles in Aqabat Malih in the Nata district of Al-Bayda governorate, after they fled from the Bayhan district, with the forces of the Southern Giants Brigades storming the city and taking control of it.

Simultaneously, the forces of the Giants Brigades moved into Wadi Khair and reached the Al-Quna'a Obstacle between the governorates of Shabwa and Al-Bayda.

On (Friday), the Giants forces took control of the city (Al-Alia) after the fiercest battles against the Houthi militia.

Bayhan district is one of 3 districts in Shabwa governorate, which the Brotherhood militias handed over to the Houthis without a fight last September, and the Giants forces have recaptured two of them (Usaylan and Bayhan).

Today ( Saturday )the Giants Brigades launched the third phase of Operation Cyclone of the South to liberate Shabwa Governorate.

The third phase aims to liberate Ain, the third district of Shabwa governorate, which was handed over by the Brotherhood to the Houthi militia, without a fight, last September.

The operation comes after the 6-hour deadline given by the Giants Brigades to the Houthis to withdraw from the district.