Demands to hold the Brotherhood's military corruption accountable after the victories of the Giants Brigade in Shabwa

English - السبت 08 يناير 2022 الساعة 09:50 م
Shabwa, NewsYemen, private:

Politicians said that the liberation of the entire Usaylan and Bayhan district and the advances that are rapidly taking place for the forces of the southern giants, in Shabwa governorate, confirm that the Brotherhood is literally on the side of the Houthi militia and is motivated by one motive, and therefore their betrayal of the coalition and the south was not motivated by a mere political dispute with the STC and the Emirates, but it is a continuous historical hostility and hatred.

Brigadier General Khaled Al-Nassi tweeted, on Twitter, what the Giants forces achieved in seven days, the legitimacy did not achieve in seven years. There is betrayal and corruption within the framework of the military institution of legitimacy, and we and our people are victims of their betrayal and corruption.  Let's say enough.

The media advisor to the President of the Transitional Council, Dr. Saddam Abdullah, that the southern giants managed, with simple means, to break the Houthis' thorn, at a time when Brotherhood groups and activists loyal to them continued to chant the same justifications that attached failure to the lack of military capabilities at a time when it was present and strongly when it mobilized its militias to invade the south

The political activist, Wathiq Al-Hasani, demanded that the officials of the military file be quickly held accountable and imprisoned after their betrayal, which the giants revealed, by simply crushing the Iranian militias within days.

The politician, Ahmed Farid, said the bill for this mighty military action that was achieved for us in Shabwa was great, because the giants reduced time and fought as befits them.

He added: Dozens of martyrs have fallen and more were wounded, and this is a bill that was paid as a result of the betrayal of the Brotherhood's authority in Shabwa previously.  May God have mercy on the martyrs of the south.

The political activist, Muhammad Saeed Bahaddad, said that the strategic partnership between the Transitional Council and all its military formations, including the Southern Giants Brigades and the Arab coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has confirmed that reliance on Brotherhood slogans that they are resisting the Houthis is false and led to delaying the resolution and achieving peace.  

The Hadrami politician, Salah al-Jabri, wrote, Abd Rabbo’s decisions in Sana’a faced a veto of influence and only passed through international and regional pressure, and even after his departure to Aden and then to Riyadh, they imposed their control, but the coalition dealt with them with flexibility and attrition.  

Today, they have lost all their blackmail cards, and the STC has become the most powerful militarily in the south.

Journalist Bassam Al-Qahtani said: The Transitional Council went to Riyadh and within days it was agreed with the coalition countries to liberate Shabwa from the Houthis, while legitimacy has been present for 7 years in Riyadh hotels, its deputy and defense minister giving orders to hand over the fronts to the Houthis.

He explained that the difference is that the transitional is with the Arab project and legitimacy is with the project of the Persians and the Brotherhood.

For his part, the political activist, Hani Al-Saadi Al-Yafei, said, the priests’ hatred of the Transitional Council began from its first day when it was supported only by the Emiratis.  

The council has evolved today to become #supported by an alliance so they will go crazy, soon they will be smashed when the council develops more and becomes internationally supported.

Activist Nafeh bin Kulaib affirmed that the Southern Transitional Council, by taking the sovereign decision to liberate Shabwa governorate, achieved security and safety for the international community, international trade and maritime work.