Al-Houthi defeats in Shabwa bury initiatives to surrender to symbols of legitimacy of failure

English - الأحد 09 يناير 2022 الساعة 05:06 م
Sana'a, NewsYemen, private:

The military victories achieved by the forces of the southern giants in the Shabwa governorate in the face of the Houthi militia during the past few days have led to a complete revolution in the political and military scene in Yemen.

 These decisive and accelerated victories came to put an end to the military expansion achieved by the Houthi militia during the past six months, as a result of the fall of the legitimate fronts, starting from Al-Bayda last July, passing through the fall of the Bihan districts in late September, leading to the breach of the last line of defense for the city of Marib, which is the Balk Mountains in early December.

A shocking military scene in which the Houthi militia is threatening the last and most important stronghold of legitimacy in the north, and it seems that beyond Ma’rib will be Shabwa, Hadramawt and the south, according to what the Houthi leader Sultan al-Sami’i told one of the Iranian-funded TV channels.

 The repercussions of this military scene presented an inflated picture of the reality of the strength of the Houthi militia, and this coincided with the state of the great collapse of the value of the local currency against hard currencies, which created a state of frustration and despair in the liberated areas, which provided a fertile environment for voices calling for a cessation of war and peace with the Houthi group. 

This was clearly demonstrated in the so-called "national rescue initiative" launched by Shura Council Speaker Ahmed Obaid bin Daghr and Parliament Deputy Speaker Abdulaziz Jabbari on the 30th of last November, which called for "an immediate cessation of the war and a comprehensive national dialogue from which no one is excluded."  

 “The military option ended in a dead end, almost declaring itself a failure.” This was the most prominent justification for Jubbari and Bin Daghr’s call for peace with the Houthi group without any conditions or guarantees, with another justification, which is the economic situation.

After 20 days, Ibn Daghr repeated the call in an article in which he demanded an immediate and permanent ceasefire and immediately go to Yemeni negotiations, under UN auspices, and without preconditions. In the article, bin Dagher cited the expressions of begging and appealing to the Houthi group and said that it would decide the ceasefire.

This insistence by Ibn Daghr to stop the war and his emphasis on the failure of the military option did not last more than a week, with the launch of the Southern Giants forces of Operation Cyclone of the South to liberate the districts of Bayhan Shabwa from the Houthi militia, so that the man changed his speech calling for peace or surrender to the Houthi to demand the continuation of the war and battle.  Even the Maran Mountains,” in a post last Friday.

Ibn Daghr’s change of speech came as a natural result of the scenes of the decisive and rapid victories of the giant forces in Shabwa, which blew up his allegations of the failure of the military option to confront the Houthis, and confirmed that those who failed are the tools that the coalition and the Yemeni people relied on to manage the battle with the Houthi militia in the north since 2015.