The coalition destroys an ammunition truck for the Houthis, south of Marib

English - السبت 15 يناير 2022 الساعة 08:23 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

 On Saturday, the fighters of the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia targeted a truck carrying ammunition on its way to the Houthi militia, south of Marib Governorate.

Military sources reported that the Arab coalition targeted, with an air strike, a truck carrying ammunition for the Houthis in southern Marib, which resulted in its destruction and the killing of a number of militia members.

And on Friday, the coalition announced that it had carried out 48 targeting operations against the Houthi militia in the Marib and Al-Bayda governorates, killing 330 people.

In a statement, the coalition said: "We carried out 36 targeting operations against the Houthis in Marib, which resulted in the destruction of 22 military vehicles and the killing of more than 250 members."

The Arab coalition also carried out 12 targeting operations against the Houthi militia in Al-Bayda within 24 hours, destroying 7 military vehicles and causing more than 80 casualties.