Al-Qaeda announces the execution of one of its members on charges of exposing Abu Ali Al-Harithi in 2002

English - الاثنين 23 مايو 2022 الساعة 05:15 م
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 Ansar al-Sharia, the local name for al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, based in Yemen, has published a video release titled "The Harvest of Spies 6".

The new version published by Al-Malahem Foundation, the media arm of Al-Qaeda in Yemen, broadcasts the confessions of “Naji Muhammad Al-Zuhairi,” who was accused by the organization of spying through the Yemeni intelligence service for America, and participating in the mission to target one of its most prominent leaders, Sheikh “Abu Ali Al-Harthi,” who  An American drone targeted him in the Ma’rib governorate in its first bombing in the Arabian Peninsula, which resulted in the killing of the leader of the organization, Sheikh Qaid bin Salem bin Senan al-Harthy, nicknamed “Abu Ali al-Harthy” and six other members of the organization on November 3, 2002.

The organization confirmed that the prominent leader in the organization, “Abu Ali Al-Harthy,” was one of the most prominent organizers of the bombing of the American destroyer “USS Cole” in the Gulf of Aden and the targeting of the French oil tanker “Lyumberg.” He was one of the most prominent leaders that managed to mobilize many fighters and enlist them in its ranks.

The release revealed, through a speech by a representative of the organization’s security apparatus, that al-Qaeda had for many years been on a mission to track the traitorous spy “Naji al-Zuhairi” until he was able to arrest him in a security operation he described as a “complex” - as he described it.

The representative of the security apparatus in the organization said that the spy “Al-Zuhairi” was presented to the Sharia court to take its procedures, and he was sentenced and the legally prescribed sentence was implemented without specifying it.

The release included excerpts from a previous edition entitled “And he will take martyrs from you,” scenes of ISIS fighters in the Sheikh “Abu Ali Al-Harthy” battalion, and an audio speech by the leader Qassem Al-Raymi praising the virtues and positions of Sheikh “Abu Ali Al-Harthy” and his jihadist path - he said.

Over the past years, Al-Qaeda's "Al-Malahim Foundation" broadcast video recordings titled "The Harvest of Spies" containing several episodes (1-5), the last of which was "Harvest of Spies 5" in late 2016, in which the organization said that it carried out executions of five people accused by spying for America and planting chips in the cars of the organization’s operatives with the aim of targeting them, 22 of its members were targeted.

A series of video releases by Al-Qaeda, entitled “The Spies’ Harvest,” indicates that the Yemeni intelligence services succeeded in recruiting a number of tribesmen to work against it.