Kataf axis in response to the wounded’s demands for the right to treatment: Be patient and seek reward from God

English - الأربعاء 25 مايو 2022 الساعة 06:41 م
Saada, NewsYemen, private:

 The Kataf axis, led by the Salafist Raddad al-Hashemi, refused to continue treating the wounded of the brigade, and responded to their demand: Be patient and seek reward from God.

Families of the wounded Major General NewsYemen reported that nearly 100 wounded, inside and outside Yemen, had stopped treating them three months ago.

They explained that some of the wounded had their wounds rotted, and others needed amputations urgently, due to the sudden cessation of receiving the necessary medical treatments.

 They indicated that the brigade is procrastinating in paying their salaries, which hindered the continuation of treatment at their own expense, stressing that the axis is practicing slow killings against its children, due to its refusal to continue treating them.

The commander of the Kataf axis, Raddad al-Hashemi, is surrounded by many doubts about his affiliation with the Houthi militia, especially after the surrender of two brigades to the militias affiliated with Iran in 2019.