The North... the tragic reality and events

English - الخميس 23 يونيو 2022 الساعة 10:28 ص
Sana'a, NewsYemen, private:

With the Houthi militia's invasion of the northern regions in 2014, as an unexpected result of the political forces standing in the face of power, many of the ties organizing people's lives collapsed.

This was successively reflected on the future of the country, under the control and practice of violence, spreading terror among citizens, and prosecuting opponents of murder and bombing, and confiscation of rights.

The circle of violence has widened by the self-imposed authority, and the group's attention is focused on repression and seeking by all means to consolidate the foundations of its sectarian project.

The lax attitude of the United Nations and its envoys over the past period helped this militia to establish itself as a major party that possessed all the elements of power except for the responsibility for basic services and imposing security.

Disorders from the roots 

With the passage of days, the imbalances became apparent and everything related to law, administration, economy, regulations, legislation, local councils, distribution of the country’s revenues, the restoration of damaged infrastructure and the search for radical solutions to some phenomena disappeared.

This was preceded by the continuation of the so-called revolutionary committees to play the role of all supervisory and service bodies, which helped to confuse the concerned agencies and almost completely destroy the existing institutions.

The House of Representatives was subjected to closure from the first moment of the invasion more than once. With this behavior, the militias tried to break the bones of what remained of the authority and marginalize any institution they believed to be from the gains of the revolution of September 26 and May 22.

It sought to intimidate opponents and those who it believed would be able to return in the future. It disrupted the work of the parties, including the Popular Congress, kept a small margin that was negligible, and tried to attract some leaders and used them in an inappropriate manner.

 Hijacking the media's role 

The militia took advantage of the "Saudi-American aggression" as a broad title for the stage, reducing the space for freedom, taking over the radio stations, harassing the rest, even those concerned with broadcasting songs and societal issues, and keeping most of the windows active within the framework of the Iranian project.

Radios and satellite channels were made out of nowhere and enabled loyalists to attack the rest of the republican system, which quickly collapsed. Political files were opened that do not serve the stage in any way, but rather work to disperse crucial issues.

The continuation of this approach helped the leadership to the left succumb to the fait accompli. Some even appeared to give historical testimonies, either forged or directed against one party at the expense of another, with the glorification of the Imamate period at the expense of the revolutionary liberation movement from which the republic was born.

 collapse of consciousness 

These inputs were the cause and result of the high unemployment rate, suicides, murders, assassinations, looting, organized crime and crimes in general, chaos in prices, and the continuation of cutting salaries by 90% despite the huge revenues, which caused many problems that the employee could not face. 

The expansion of corruption, the spread of the black market, the exploitation of the role of working organizations, the looting of a lot of aid, and the emergence of a class that invested in the field of communications, oil, and real estate.

Even international calls were evaded, according to recent reports, not to mention the increase in the flow of narcotics through land and sea ports, with clear Iranian support, some of them officially, which helped in an unprecedented high crime rate.

The institution of education has also been subjected, and still is, to the most horrific systematic destruction by changing the curricula and imposing an agenda that mainly serves the great Iranian project and is hostile to everything that is republican.