Politicians: Terrorism is active in Shabwa after inciting Brotherhood campaigns

English - السبت 25 يونيو 2022 الساعة 06:46 م
Shabwa, NewsYemen, private:

 In conjunction with extensive media campaigns of incitement by Brotherhood media against the Shabwa Defense Forces on social media platforms and Qatari-funded channels, terrorism has been active in Shabwa Governorate to target its defense with more than one treacherous operation within a short period.

Coinciding with the bloody attacks in Shabwa, Qatar-funded media is launching a campaign of incitement against the Shabwa Defense Forces and accusing the UAE and Saudi Arabia of "tampering" in the province.

The sons of Shabwa, through the communication platforms, said: "Their terrorist acts will not intimidate us, and tomorrow we will send the rest of our children to join the Shabwa Defense Force. We learned the lesson. Shabwa today is not Shabwa yesterday."

Political activist Saleh Ali Al-Dawil said that during the past years, terrorism coexisted with the situation in Shabwa. It did not attack the points, but rather liquidated the elite.

He added, “The order was given to terrorism to kill in the Shabwa Defense Forces, which confirms that it is a system and not an organization, part of which is in the power structure gives information and part is killed, but also the point that was attacked was completely exposed..

For his part, the political activist, Fahd Al-Khulaifi, said that because of the great importance of Shabwa, Al-Jazeera and its daughters in Yemen, Al-Mahra, Belqis, Yemen Shabab and a large network of social media, are waging a huge media war to strike the Shabwa Defense Forces, the Southern Giants Brigades, and the brother Awad Al-Wazir, the governor of Shabwa, and what ISIS and Al-Qaeda are doing.  Part of that scheme is to plunge Shabwa into chaos, adding: "Be with Shabwa."

In the same context, the Islamist activist Shammar said in a tweet, “Three years and the Brotherhood’s special forces are safe and reassuring in Shabwa, they were not targeted by al-Qaeda, and as soon as the Shabwa Defense Force took over the mission, terrorist activities began, cleaning up terrorism from Shabwa and their allies in power is a matter that does not require delay and politeness.”  

Tweeters considered targeting terrorism a point of the Shabwa Defense Forces consisting of 10 people who were martyred and wounded, while a few meters away from the Shabwa defense point there is a Brotherhood camp that was not targeted by terrorism, as a Houthi Houthi scheme starting with public incitement campaigns and ending with terrorist operations, and they said: “Terrorism comes out of  Brotherhood camps.