Residents of Sanaa resist the Houthis’ sectarian discrimination of mosques

English - السبت 25 يونيو 2022 الساعة 07:59 م
Sana'a, NewsYemen, private:

 The mosques of Sanaa are witnessing a great reluctance of worshipers to attend the two Friday sermons delivered by the Houthi terrorist militia, according to testimonies of local residents.

 Residents in Sanaa told NewsYemen that hundreds of citizens have devised a new way to reject sectarian sermons that are circulated by the militia leadership through its leadership appointed in the Endowments and Guidance Office every Friday of every week and delivered by the group's preachers in most mosques in Sanaa.

They explained that the citizens boycott the two Friday sermons in every mosque, and are satisfied with performing the obligatory prayer, as they stay at home until the Houthi sermon ends and the prayer is held, as an expression of their rejection of the group's sectarian and racist sermons.

They pointed out that most worshipers prefer not to attend the two Friday sermons, as it is a boring sectarian one that perpetuates the Houthis' sectarian ideology, justifies their corruption and disavows them from paying the salaries of government employees in their areas of control, and accuses those who demand the payment of their monthly salary as a "fifth column", while the Houthi preachers incite citizens to send their children.  to die on the battlefronts.

They pointed out that a limited number of worshipers attend the Friday sermons in most mosques in Sana'a neighborhoods, except for mosques located in the Al-Jarf neighborhood, which is crowded with Houthi leaders and elements.