Pro-Houthi leaders complain of Houthi racism

English - الخميس 04 أغسطس 2022 الساعة 07:34 م
Sana'a, NewsYemen, private:

 Testimonies issued by leaders loyal to the Houthi group revealed the extent of racism practiced by the group's leadership against the elements loyal to it, amid indications of an escalation of conflict within the group's ranks.

Where the Houthi leader appointed by the militia as governor of Raymah Fares Al-Habbari governorate revealed that the militia's Minister of Health, Taha Al-Mutawakel, had dismissed the director of the largest hospital in the governorate for sectarian reasons.

Al-Habari said in a video statement to him, that he assigned Dr. Mohsen Al-Azizi to manage Al-Thalaya Hospital, which is the main hospital in the governorate, for Al-Mutawakel to dismiss him, and that Houthi leaders informed him that this was because Al-Azizi puts his hands on top of each other in prayer.

Al-Habari, who said that the man’s dismissal from the hospital administration despite the efforts he made to develop it, commented sarcastically on the behavior of the Houthi Minister of Health by saying: We want someone to develop the hospital and serve the community, even if it is a Jew.

Earlier, one of the military leaders loyal to the Houthi group, Major General Abdullah Al-Jafri, revealed that he was subjected to racist treatment by the leaders of the group because he is one of the people of the south.

Al-Jafri, who was appointed by the Houthis, is a member of the Shura Council and worked as a spokesman for the militia’s air and air defense forces earlier. He said that the leaders who make political decisions within the Houthi group treat him as a citizen of the tenth class, for being from the south.

In an interview with one of the channels affiliated with the Houthi group, Al-Jafri indicated that his affiliation with the Hashemite and Imam Ali did not intercede for him to gain confidence in the leadership of the group.  He added: "If you are southerner, it is impossible that they trust you and for them you are a traitor and a collaborator."

Al-Jafri's testimony that he was subjected to racism by the leadership of the Houthi group, was supported by the deputy governor of Shabwah appointed by the group, Malik Ahmed Musaed, who wrote a brief post on his Facebook page in which he said: "Abdullah Al-Jafri represents me."

These testimonies came amid indications of an escalation in the intensity of the conflict between leaders loyal to the Houthi group and other leaders of the first row within the group and belonging to the governorate of Saada.

This was demonstrated by the announcement of a member of the so-called Supreme Political Council of the Houthi group, Sultan al-Sami'i, about his departure from Sana'a, hinting that it came against the background of his conflict with leaders of the Houthi group.

And the media office of Al-Sami’i published on Twitter, a brief post, in which it said: “We did not abandon you, Sana’a, because we hate staying, but there are those who are forcing us to part,” without specifying the side to which he left.