Omaran's storming thwarted the largest financial deal to support al-Qaeda

English - السبت 17 سبتمبر 2022 الساعة 07:10 م
Abyan, NewsYemen, private:

 The security campaign of the southern forces thwarted al-Qaeda's scheme to obtain large sums of money, the likes of which it has not obtained since its emergence in Yemen.

 For the first time, the organization is requesting $5 million to release the employees of a UN organization it kidnapped months ago in the Abyan governorate and to transfer them to the Omaran camp, east of the Mudiyah district, which the southern forces recently stormed, and were able to liberate large parts of it, and its campaign continues in its surroundings.

The "Brotherhood" network, in the context of its clear support for Al-Qaeda, had facilitated the kidnapping of UN organization employees in the Khedira area near the Third Brigade, a presidential protection camp led by Brotherhood ally Louay Al-Zamki. 

In addition, the security crews of the Brotherhood forces accompanying the organization’s employees handed over the employees to the base without objection. The organization released the soldiers and transferred the kidnapped alone to Omran, next to which the Brotherhood forces passed on their way to Shuqra, but they did not intervene to release them.

Colleagues of the United Nations employees accuse the forces loyal to the Brotherhood of selling their colleagues to the organization and entering into the deal that the organization first announced as one million Saudi riyals, and then after mediation by personalities close to the Brotherhood forces in Shuqra, the organization raised it to $ 5 million, an amount that will make al-Qaeda rearrange its status and refinance their forces

The campaign that reached "Omran", al-Qaeda's most dangerous camps in Abyan and the south, constituted a great shock to the organization by the fall of its camps, which are located before Omran, including Mujan, Al-Wadi'a, Aked and the sites west of Mudiyah, which collapsed and fell easily in front of the southern forces and fled to Omran.

The sources revealed that the organization had transferred the kidnapped people out of Abyan governorate after the approaching fall of Omran.

And the Chinese news agency "Xinhua" confirmed that al-Qaeda transferred the kidnappers of the United Nations outside Abyan after the forces advanced in Omran.

 The Chinese agency indicated that the organization transferred five abductees from Abyan outside the province, without knowing the area to which the organization transferred them.

The agency stated, according to its source, that the mediation around these kidnappers had completely stopped several weeks ago.

The tightening of the screws on the organization in Abyan and Shabwa led to a halt in its blackmailing of the government and security forces about paying imaginary sums in exchange for their release.

Tribal sources who were among the previous mediations confirmed the recent re-organization after tightening the noose on it, offering the process of releasing the kidnapped in return for a reduction in the amount, but the mediation informed them that the government and the United Nations did not respond to their demands.