The importance of liberating Omran

English - الاثنين 19 سبتمبر 2022 الساعة 10:51 ص
Abyan, NewsYemen, private:

On Sunday morning, the southern forces managed to liberate all of the valley and mountains of Omran, east of the Mudiyah district, one of the most prominent strongholds of al-Qaeda in Yemen.

The director of security in Abyan Governorate, Brigadier General Abu Mishaal Al-Kazmi, announced that the entire valley of Shaab Omaran had been cleansed of terrorist elements, noting that the campaign would continue on its way to Al-Mahfad to secure the district.

The Omaran camp is the most important camp of the organization in the country. In fact, the spokesman for the southern forces, Lt. Col. Muhammad al-Naqib, confirmed that it is the largest and most important al-Qaeda camp in the Arabian Peninsula.

Omaran is located in a very rugged mountainous area that links the governorates of Abyan and Shabwa, and is one of the areas where terrorist organizations have been active for many years.

Omaran is several valleys with an area of 80 km in length and 60 km in width, passing through many villages and around which there are a very rugged mountain range.

Over the past ten years, all military campaigns to enter the valley and cleanse it of terrorism have failed, the last of which was a military campaign led by the Security Belt in 2019 and after battles for more than a month, the forces withdrew after entering parts of the valley due to the difficulty of the place, as well as the start of Brotherhood movements against the southern forces at the same time in Shabwa  And they promised.

The terrorist organizations built barricades and caves, and made mine networks at the entrances to the valley from several sides, and prepared it as their first stronghold.

What made the organization prepare Omaran to be its first stronghold, its most important camps and its command center is that it is difficult to target it even from the planes that have flown for years, especially the American drones.  He was unable to target the leaders in the valley because of the caves established by the organization in the Omaran mountains.

The importance of liberating “Omran” lies in the fact that it is the last stronghold of the organization in which it can hold out for a long time and deplete the attacking forces in the valley. After its liberation, and with the presence of other camps in Al-Mahfad and the Shabwa borders, it is not as difficult and dangerous as Omaran.

What facilitates the process of liberating al-Qaeda’s camps and sites in al-Mahfad is that the organization is in it between the pincers of the southern forces coming from Mudiyah and stationed in al-Aram in the Shabwa governorate, adjacent to al-Mahfad.

At the start of the military campaign, military experts expected the difficulty of the Battle of Omran, stressing that the salvation from the valley is an end to the organization's presence in Abyan by more than 90%.