Al-Houthi is courting Saudi Arabia with peace and securing the borders in exchange for recognition of their state

English - الخميس 17 نوفمبر 2022 الساعة 07:09 م
Sana'a, NewsYemen, exclusive:

The Houthi group, Iran's arm in Yemen, confirmed, through its spokesman, Muhammad Abdul Salam, its willingness to discuss a safe neighborhood relationship and secure borders with Saudi Arabia in return for recognizing it as an official authority representing the state in Yemen.

 This presentation came in the context of an interview made by the group's spokesman for a report issued by the group's "Majal" forum entitled "Does the New Yemen Represent a Threat to Saudi Arabia?", in which he discussed Saudi fears of the Houthi group's control of the state in Yemen during the past years.

Where the group's spokesman believes that the reason for the disagreement with Saudi Arabia is due to "its fears of the existence of a strong state in Yemen," and he said that it is "unrealistic and illogical fears resulting from an incorrect reading," stressing his group's readiness to discuss its concerns related to "border, neighborhood, and security."

The group's spokesman, in the context of his speech, considered that the issue of establishing a relationship between his group and Saudi Arabia has nothing to do with the issue of the truce and its extension or termination due to the dispute over the issue of salaries, as he said that "the nature of the relations between Sana'a and Riyadh is mainly related to the position of Riyadh's dealings with Sana'a," he said.

He emphasized by saying: We believe that the relationship between Sana'a and Riyadh has nothing to do with the issue of the truce, because the truce included the salary requirement, and it has no effect in this direction," claiming that the continuation of the war in Yemen "is no longer in the interest of the Saudi regime."

 It was remarkable that the Houthi spokesman held the group's Yemeni opponents and loyalists responsible for part of "the unclear vision of the Saudi regime towards Yemen";  Where he claimed that they had "a role in amplifying many fears, and drawing many regional conflicts into the Yemeni arena, which made Saudi Arabia not look at opportunities for peace," he claimed.

The group's spokesman indicated that there is "an opportunity that may shift or change the Saudi regime's view of Yemen (the Houthi group)," expressing his hope for normal relations with Saudi Arabia on the "principle of good neighborliness, and that the interest is in understanding, coexistence, dialogue, and the removal of problems."

Regarding the recent visits of Saudi and Houthi delegations, the group's spokesman indicated that there were "meetings with the Saudi side in more than one station, and it did not rule out understandings, whether on the humanitarian or political level, or military arrangements or the like," he said.

The group's spokesman's statements coincide with allegations circulated by Houthi media about the visit of a Saudi and Omani delegation to Sana'a and a meeting with the group's leaders, and that Saudi Arabia has expressed its willingness to fund the issue of paying salaries in the group's control areas, including the military and security forces.

Observers believe that these statements and allegations are a clear attempt by the group to flirt with Saudi Arabia and make all concessions to it in return for recognizing it as a de facto authority and removing support for the Presidential Council so that it can devote itself to its war at home against the liberated areas, and an attempt to control it militarily.

They affirm that this exposes all the slogans and lies of the Houthi group in the name of "sovereignty, confronting aggression and occupation", and affirming that the group's war is against the Yemenis to subjugate them to its rule, with its willingness to make all concessions to the outside.