Residents talk about the blessing of salvation from Houthi terrorism a year after the liberation of Hays

English - Saturday 19 November 2022 الساعة 04:56 pm
Hays, newsyemen, exclusive:

The people of Hays in Al-Hodeidah Governorate are celebrating the first anniversary of the liberation of the entire district from the Houthi militia - the Iranian arm in Yemen - on the nineteenth of last November, with a military operation waged by the joint forces on the western coast.

The people breathed a sigh of relief after the Houthi militia was expelled from the district and its center was secured, while Hays witnessed significant development and economic activity in various fields during the first year following the liberation act.

The Houthi militia had imposed a suffocating siege on the region for four years and prevented the people from movement and movement, and cut ties of kinship and closed all roads with mines, even farmers were prevented from practicing their agricultural activity, and imposed large sums of money on farmers, in addition to looting their agricultural crops under several pretexts, harassing them and transferring  their farms to barracks.

On the first anniversary of the completion of the liberation of Hays, which added joy to the lives of the people there and brought happiness to their hearts, the residents expressed their thanks to the joint forces (the Giants Brigades, the National Resistance, and the Tihama Resistance) that waged the massive military operation to liberate the countryside of Hays.

In this context, Ali Ezzi (an educator) who lives in the countryside of Hays says that the 19th of November 2021 transformed the lives of the people from hell (during the Houthi militia's control over the area) to bliss, adding that the people lived through difficult days for four years.

He adds: We were under fear, humiliation, and oppression, and each of us could not leave his house from one village to another, without the ID card, and they took his phone and tampered with it and looked at his privacy. We were denied visiting our families, and we were prevented from entering the city of Hays, which is the artery and the only outlet for the people of the countryside.  

Ezzi, a resident of the village of "Dar Qudeerah" east of Hays, which was deprived of the simplest services and projects during the period of Houthi control, said that all the people welcomed the forces during their entry and we were pleased with their arrival, which was accompanied by the entry of humanitarian organizations and accomplished many service projects needed by the citizen and the displaced, except that there are some shortcomings, so the concerned authorities must follow up on the organizations to provide more support and assistance to the citizens.

Regarding the practices adopted by the Houthi militia against humans and agriculture, from which all the people of the center of the city of Hays suffered throughout the Houthi siege, which lasted for 4 years, the citizen Abdul Rahman Shawish - one of the residents of the city center - confirmed that they suffered scourge as a result of the Houthi bombing, so that they did not sleep comfortably due to the many volleys of bullets and artillery shelling that hit the homes, and the Houthis besieged the entire area except for the western exit, the Khokha Hays line, while all the rural villages were closed.

Indicating the tragic situation imposed by the militias on the residents of the city and the countryside, saying, the nearest village was about 3 kilometers away from the city center,  it took 5 hours to reach there, taking secondary roads, now after liberation, the village that was 10 kilometers away from us, takes only 7 minutes to reach, it is much better now than it was.

Shawish explained that, before the liberation was completed, a truck of vegetables used to reach us every week only, and the vegetables entered the center of Hays, all at high prices. In his own words, he concluded his speech by saying, after God blessed us with the comprehensive and complete liberation of our agricultural villages, trucks loaded with fresh vegetables enter daily at a cheap price, away from the high prices that were imposed on citizens in the past during the Houthi siege.

After the liberation of the center of Hays on February 5, 2018, years passed from the siege and the Houthi war that was imposed on it unjustly and aggressively as a result of international agreements and the unjust "Stockholm" that stopped the operation of the Battle of Hodeidah, liberation and progress in 2018, and this is what shackled the forces with international restrictions and prevented them from advancing and made them stationed in  Hays center only, at that time hundreds of civilians paid the cost.