From Al-Baqmaa to Al-Jaradi.. Wadi Ma’rib: The Brotherhood’s stadium to eliminate competitors

English - Monday 21 November 2022 الساعة 10:14 am
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Mystery still surrounds the assassinations of a number of military leaders in the city of Marib, which is under the control of the Islah Party - the local branch of the Brotherhood - the last of whom was the advisor to the Minister of Defense, Brigadier General Muhammad al-Jaradi, who was killed along with his personal escort, by gunmen east of the city.

Activists called on the security authorities of the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Islah party in Marib to reveal the truth officially and legally, stressing that fulfilling the history of the martyrs requires dealing with assassination cases in an honest spirit, in which there is a lot of responsibility.

Although 10 days have passed since the assassination of the advisor to the Minister of Defense, the Marib city authorities have not issued a statement about the crime or the results of its investigation, while his body is still in the hospital refrigerator.

In early November, gunmen assassinated the advisor to the Minister of Defense and the former commander of the 81st Brigade, along with his escort, near the Martyrs' Cemetery in the city of Marib, while the perpetrators looted the car they were traveling in.

Brigadier General Al-Jaradi was killed, near the site of the assassination of the Salafist preacher and leader of the "Saeed Yemen Brigades," Abdul Razzaq Al-Baqma, who was assassinated on June 24.

Brigadier General Al-Jaradi had been subjected to several assassination attempts, one of them in Serwah when he was commander of the 181st Brigade, which resulted in the death of two of his nephews. He also survived, on December 30, 2019, an assassination attempt, at one of the security points of the Islah Party in the city of Marib, after they arrested him near  His house in the city of Marib, and they started shooting at the brigadier general and his entourage.

4 assassinations in one way

 In less than two months, four military commanders were assassinated in Marib, in the same way that Sheikh Abdul Razzaq al-Baqma was killed, among them Brigadier General Abd Rabbo al-Ahraq, the staff of the 159th Infantry Brigade, and Lieutenant Colonel Nasr al-Din al-Khudafi Abu Ubaidah, one of the officers of the Azal axis.

According to security sources, these crimes were recorded against an unknown person, and Marib security did not arrest any suspects.

Two days before the assassination of Brigadier General Al-Jaradi, the security director of Marib governorate, Brigadier General Yahya Ali Hameed, survived an assassination attempt and his bodyguard was wounded.

33 assassinations and kidnappings since the beginning of the year

 According to security sources in Marib, the city has recorded nearly 33 attacks, kidnappings and assassinations of officers and military leaders since the beginning of this year, outside the city's security belt.

The security belt is located before the Wadi Ubaidah area of the Al-Wadi Directorate and extends from the power station to after the Authority’s hospital in the city, while the Al-Hosun area of the Al-Wadi Directorate is located east of the city, at a distance of 2 km, and it is the last area in which these operations are carried out against the officers and the army leadership.

Local sources say that the leadership of the governorate failed to extend its influence in the Wadi Ubaidah area of the Valley District, due to tribal disputes, while the security authorities say that elements they describe as outlaws are present in the area.

Earlier, military forces tried to establish a camp for the Presidential Guard in the Al-Wadi district, which provoked the rejection of the Damascene tribes, and caused violent clashes that resulted in the death of 7 people, including a tribal leader who was mediating, in addition to dozens of wounded from both sides.

Valley Directorate.. Brotherhood stadium to liquidate competitors

 Observers say that the security belt was limited only to securing the city, and the Valley Directorate remained to implement what they described as criminal schemes in service of a political agenda.  Noting that the security chaos has become the dominant situation in the city of Marib, which is the only one controlled by the Brotherhood's Islah party.

An informed source told NewsYemen that during the last six months, incidents of looting of military crews increased, as looting of crews was recorded and those on board were evacuated, and sometimes they were liquidated and the crews and weapons in their possession were looted.

He points out that the incidents of targeting the crews are outside the well-known security belt of the city, which leads to the Valley Directorate.

Although directives were issued to the security points in the security belt areas not to allow the exit of patrols, they did not adhere to them, as they tolerated their exit.

Journalist Hammoud Hazaa stated on his Facebook page that he had received an invitation to attend a wedding in Wadi Ubaidah, but he did not go because the location of the wedding ceremony was outside the security belt area, which is an indication of security risks.

The journalist Hazaa's statement confirms information obtained by NewsYemen from private sources, stating that directives were issued by the Islah Party to its members in Marib not to cross the security belt, which hindered their movement and their families.

The Brotherhood also obligated its supporters not to leave Marib except after notifying their leadership and agreeing to do so.

Recently, directives were issued to the security forces not to allow citizens from other governorates to enter the city after taking their complete data, the governorate, the village, and the neighborhood in which they live, and then contacting local leaders of the party to find out details about the person, and if they are allowed to enter, their data, the purpose of the visit, and the place where they live are taken.  In which time is supposed to stay in the city and put it under security surveillance.