Houthi tampering hits universities...a commercial market for "scientific research" in Sana'a

English - السبت 26 نوفمبر 2022 الساعة 10:52 ص
Sanaa, NewsYemen, Jalal Muhammad:

"Are you a student about to graduate? Do you want to prepare an outstanding graduation project, but do not have enough time for that? We can help you."  This was part of an advertisement within a huge swarm of advertisements that top the facades of most libraries in front of Sana'a University, and circulate on social networking sites, to entice students to obtain "ready" and paid-for research from A to Z, without the slightest effort!

The shocking part was carried by the rest of the advertisement, when it indicated that the target group is not only bachelor students, as it came according to its design: "We have a full work team to complete all research, master's and doctoral theses for all universities, and in all disciplines as well!"

Here, the searcher (in a hurry) and the searcher for a “rest of his head” should only communicate through announced and clear numbers, and prepare his pocket with an amount of money.

The story does not end here, but rather begins, to talk about a generation of graduates and holders of titles - except for those who have mercy on God - who do not know anything about their specializations, some of them took the mark of “excellence with honors” to become today in its place a name without achievement thanks to bookstores that “sell graduation research.”  Or thanks to nepotism, which has become the most prominent title in dealings within the corridors of Sana’a University, which is under the control of the Houthi group, which is bulldozing what remains of the Yemeni features of a university education.

In your eyes, merchant.

This "phenomenon", so to speak, is not a spur of the moment, but what has emerged is the daring of libraries and educational centers to publish advertisements for the preparation of these research papers, and as it is said: "On your eyes, merchant" appended to the name of the center or library, its address, and the communication channels.  , without any regard for the oversight of the Ministry of Higher Education or legal authorities.

The above was one of these advertisements, and it was met with great amazement and astonishment by the followers, as one of the academic doctors at Sana’a University commented on it by saying: “God compensates for knowledge, as long as libraries play the role of a researcher, who only has to write his name in exchange for an amount of money.”  ".

He added in his speech to NewsYemen: Unfortunately, the situation that the Yemeni employee reached due to the interruption of salaries, especially from academics (doctors and teaching assistants), made some of them go to work in the field of preparing research and preparing letters for those who want in return for a certain amount of money, which helps him in managing his life affairs, and here no  We can justify such acts because they are a death certificate for science and degrees.

He stressed that the departments of postgraduate studies at Sana’a University and other universities are supposed to evaluate the student and whether he really wrote what he submitted, and scrutinize him on every line until it becomes clear from the fat, and whoever proves his willingness to buy his research or thesis will be deprived of the academic degree forever.  

A number of scholars pointed out that what is being justified in this regard under the name of helping the researcher is a lie, as there is no such thing as helping the researcher, rather the researcher must work by himself.  demanding that such libraries be held accountable and closed.

Busy learners are group followers

Many academics and scholars attribute the reason for the popularity of the work of these libraries, preparing research and theses, to the living situation, in addition to the fact that most of those who request these research are those who are sent to study in public and private universities from the followers of the Houthi group, and it is not known how they obtained a bachelor's degree, and they were forced to  They are sent to various departments of Sana’a University to study master’s degrees, especially in (immigration and refugee studies, politics, Islamic sciences, and human rights).

And most of those who were sent to study from among the followers of the group are confined to the category (Hashemites) who have high positions in state institutions, and therefore they do not have time to attend regularly or prepare the required research, for this they resorted to exploiting the need of some academics and teaching assistants to prepare what is required of them and write research and theses through libraries  Spread out in front of the university.

One of the scholars affiliated with al-Houthi responds as a justification for what is happening by saying: "By God, the brothers speak as if our universities are professional, and all the problems are in the offices that work for a fee.  There are no Muslim scholars, so instead of philosophy, they are supposed to build academic and university curricula that keep pace with the stage and remove historical fallacies from it, before we talk about why research and letters are being sold.”

Easily  and disqualification

And about the reasons why students resort to buying ready-made research, one of the doctors of “Scientific Research Methods” at Sana’a University said that this is due to the lack of good qualification by universities for students to conduct serious and correct scientific research, in addition to the students’ ease of doing so.

He added, "The responsibility for the spread of this phenomenon is shared between the university, represented by the teacher and the student," pointing out that the teacher's follow-up to the student and his reading of every word he writes will make him feel difficult to resort to buying ready-made research papers.

He said, during my long career at the University of Sana'a, I supervised dozens of master's and doctoral dissertations, and for this reason I see that presenting students who resort to this "disgraceful" step to disciplinary councils, and imposing punishment on them, will certainly facilitate the elimination of this phenomenon.

He pointed out that the student who does not prepare his own research will graduate empty, and will not be able to contribute to the progress of society, nor will he be able to compete with his peers who prepared their own research in the labor market.

Regarding the ability of supervisors to discover ready-made research papers, he says: "It is not difficult, but it requires the teacher to follow up with his student first, and read what he has prepared, not to mention the need for him to delve into the specialization he teaches.

He pointed out that the focus of some professors on the theoretical aspects without the practical.  It would create a gap in the researcher, making him unable to prepare the research himself, stressing the need to address this gap by organizing lectures related to the research hall, and explaining how to conduct field and analytical research on the ground.

The question remains: When will the "Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research" go beyond the warning stage in pursuing "scientific research shops" to take deterrent legal measures against them?  Until then, can you guess as a student who will obtain his scientific degree, after completing his graduation research for money?