Iran from the frontier to the depth: a review of the policy of bloodshed and spreading sectarianism..The Gulf is Arab or Persian?

English - الأحد 05 فبراير 2023 الساعة 10:10 ص
NewsYemen, Muhammad Abdo Al-Shuja:

The bet on the arms that were nurtured by the Iranian regime succeeded after the Islamic Revolution, as the Arab depth was reached with unremitting efforts, in which Tehran showed extraordinary arrogance, and strengthened its presence in every detail.

Its project, based on ideological dependence, expanded until it became part of the daily fabric in different places, and managed the joints of life by controlling and possessing it as a colonial state that has no borders.

The fourth capital was controlled with minimal effort, so that the current authority of Sana'a became a poisonous blade in the side of the Arabian Peninsula, driven by Iranian hands in all negotiations over its future files, and from which cross-border attacks against neighbors and seaports launch to pressure and blackmail and cause the greatest possible damage.

As a result of the war waged by the Arab coalition in early 2015, the Houthi militia is still betting on the justification of the blockade, erecting a separation wall between it and the citizen and employee who refuses to hand over the salary, the distribution of revenues, and the revival of institutions as they should be.  With the help of new devices that embody the repressive image of the Tehran regime, which is based on oppression and exploitation of resources in favor of the military arsenal and sheikhs of religion, direct and indirect interference in countries, threatening maritime navigation and energy resource corridors, and undermining advancement projects in favor of myth.

Gulf Arab or Persian

 Tehran has shown its bad desire towards all that is Arab in an attempt to adapt geography, concepts and labels.  When a lawsuit was filed against naming the championship (Gulf 25) in Arabic, on the grounds that the Gulf is Persian.  Perhaps what prompted her to file the lawsuit was the establishment of the tournament in Basra, which made her feel pain.

This ceiling that Iran is panting behind, whether through political maneuvers or escalation, has been reflected in the Houthi militia, which is applying it to the fullest extent in the internal Yemeni scene and with the neighbors, so that dealing with decisions and agreements seems like a game of chess, as it claims that it is with all decisions and then disavows to search for decisions  Another waste of time.

Recently, news leaked out that Al Jaber, the Saudi ambassador to Yemen, had arrived in Sanaa, in order to agree to establish a truce, hand over salaries, and take guarantees to stop the attacks, among others.  Until now, the picture of these meetings is not clear, but exploiting that, leaking news and manipulating it in the internal street and deepening the citizen’s ambiguity, makes it a completely failed group, unless a miracle or a real breakthrough occurs in the matter of salaries and others, which is impossible at least in light of these data.  Based on the policy of starvation, subjugation, sectarianization of society, and the justification that there is an external blockade.

Thorny relationships and constant ambitions

 Iran is not satisfied with the arms that manage the religious, political and military battles only, it has other allies working at the heart of the events, through logistical support, media propaganda and generous financial support, and perhaps the facilities and agreements made by some countries of the region in the Arab Gulf reflect the intra-Arab gap and enhance  Iran's presence is at the expense of the stability of this geography.

The question here, in light of this thorny relationship between Tehran and the Arab capitals, is how to recover what was taken from Iran: Beirut, Baghdad, Damascus and Sana’a, and how to find a new track linking these areas with each other and the Arab world.

The urgent question is what guarantees that Iran will not seek to swallow up new cities?  As for the most prominent fear, it is the fall of other capitals and cities in the grip of the turbans, which will flood them successively with weapons, superstition, drugs, and blood, as soon as they gain control of them.  A frightening reality in the event that Tehran manages to do all this and puts its hand on a new Arab land.