Major General Al-Jaradi's family: Doubts about the integrity and professionalism of the investigation into the assassination

English - Monday 06 February 2023 الساعة 04:57 pm
Marib, NewsYemen:

 The family of Major General Muhammad Ali al-Jaradi, advisor to the Minister of Defense, said that the information being circulated about the arrest of some of the perpetrators of the assassination are mere leaks.

The family, in a press release issued by it, revealed the refusal of the security services in Marib to inform them of the case file and the course of the investigation into the assassination of Major General Al-Jaradi and his companion Tariq Al-Walbi, which took place in the city of Marib on November 8th.

The family explained that three months after the incident, during which they were unable to obtain any document proving any action taken by the security services, they were content with some verbal information, such as leaks about the perpetrators of the assassination.

The family indicated that it was dealt with in suspicious ways.  She said: We are trying to find a justification for the security's reservation of the case file, but we find nothing but a state of suspicion about the integrity and professionalism of the investigation.

 While the family affirmed its legal and legitimate right to obtain all information, documents, and the details and results reached in the assassination case, it warned that everything that prevents it from obtaining all information in this regard is considered a matter that violates justice and raises suspicion, and may push it to escalate by all legitimate means.