A water crisis suffocates Aden...and an international economics professor proposes solutions

English - Wednesday 29 March 2023 الساعة 11:20 pm
Aden, NewsYemen, exclusive:

 The water crisis has greatly exacerbated the suffering of the residents of the capital, Aden, from before the holy month of Ramadan until now.

Citizens in the Crater area launched a distress call after the third week had passed since the water was completely cut off from dozens of homes in this district, such as Haffa Hussein, Al-Boumis, Sha'ab Al-Aidrous and Al-Khassaf, while it reached other homes.

The citizen, Bassam, from Hussein Street, complained that the water has not reached his house and all the houses in that area, despite the operation of the "dynamat" for water suction, 3 weeks ago.  

This crisis doubled his financial crisis after spending money on "Al-Bouz" water, which costs between 10-15 thousand riyals, especially with the advent of the month of Ramadan.

Citizens asked on social media platforms, why is a water crisis fabricated annually before the month of Ramadan, and who benefits from it?  They sent a distress call to the Governor of Aden and Minister of State Ahmed Hamid Lamlas.  Despite all the projects and excavations to enhance and strengthen the water in Crater over the past months, which showed positively the strength and possibility of water reaching all neighborhoods of the Aden district.

 Some have suggested that the Water Corporation pumps water weakly, making it difficult to reach high places, due to the lack of energy resources after the increase in the number of hours of power outages after the depletion of oil derivatives, despite all the appeals of the Electricity Corporation to the government, and the Water Corporation is unable to operate pump engines to pump water well and widely.

Professor of International Economics, Dr.  Hussein Al-Malasi saw that the electric current, the deterioration and aging of the water and sanitation network, the expansion of the city of Aden, the large influx of people coming from the countryside, the displaced due to the war, and the refugees coming from the Horn of Africa to the city of Aden, in addition to severe administrative, technical and financial problems experienced by the institution itself, are all problems that exacerbated the crisis.  water in Aden.

 He proposed several solutions that NewsYemen would republish, hoping that it would reach officials and specialists:

1. Work on stabilizing the operation of the fields at their current capacity as much as possible by operating all wells and stabilizing the electric current.

 2. Drilling new and replacement wells with their accessories to increase production and compensate for the shortage that the citizen needs.

 3. Rehabilitation of the dilapidated power lines from the public network to the well fields in order to regulate the current and ensure the regular operation of the water wells.

 4. Drilling new wells to increase the production capacity of water in new areas and fields.

5. Establishing new and sufficient power lines to operate the wells on a regular basis.

 6. Establishing electricity generation stations using solar energy and establishing a network as an available alternative during the interruption of public electricity.

 7. Mobilizing international support for the provision of pumps to raise groundwater powered by solar energy, along with developing innovative solutions to the problems of water wells supplied to Aden.

 8. The necessity of providing an accurate database about the Water Corporation that enables those interested to make support and investment decisions in the field of water and sanitation.

9. Restructuring the institution and financing it by the private sector, donors and the state to modernize it, train employees and hold those who violated accountable.

 10. Allowing the private sector to invest in the production and industry of water, and allowing private sector companies to act as a competitor to the Water Corporation.

 11. Reducing water losses due to the age of the network by modernizing the transportation network from the fields to the city.

 12. The establishment of a seawater refining industry can be developed in partnership between the government and the private sector in the future to meet a significant part of the needs of Aden and the neighboring governorates.