Director of Al-Wadiah Port: The crisis of overcrowding of Umrah pilgrims heading to Saudi Arabia has ended

English - Wednesday 29 March 2023 الساعة 11:10 pm
Seiyun, newsyemen, exclusive:

 Mutlaq Al-Sayari, Director General of Al-Wadiah Land Port in Hadhramout Governorate, in the east of the country, announced the end of the congestion crisis and the congestion of travelers and Umrah pilgrims heading to Saudi Arabia two weeks ago.

 Al-Sayari explained, in a video recording, that the coordination and cooperation between the Land Transport Authority and the joint authorities in the Ministry of Awqaf and Guidance contributed to the arrest of travelers performing Umrah in their private cars and to suffice with mass transport buses, which met with a great breakthrough and effectively ended the congestion and backsliding that occurred at the crossing during the past seven days.

The Al-Wadiah land crossing, adjacent to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, witnessed great suffering from the pilgrims, who crowded in it in large numbers, exceeding more than 10,000 passengers per day.

It is noteworthy that from the first of March until the 18th of it, the number of travelers from Yemen to Saudi Arabia through the Al-Wadiah crossing reached about 70 thousand passengers, which are huge numbers that caused a state of congestion at the port without the presence of any services such as food, housing and toilets, in addition to the high prices sold at the port to 300 percent during the accumulation period.

The announcement of the first official at Al-Wadiah crossing came only two days after the arrival of a committee formed by the Yemeni Parliament, headed by Representative Ahmed Hassan Bahwerth, and the membership of Representatives Abdullah Saad Al-Numani and Ahmed Abdul-Malik bin Malik.  During the past two days, the committee reviewed issues related to the existing conditions at the Al-Wadiah crossing, and discussed a number of issues, foremost of which was the overcrowding of pilgrims and the huge numbers of expatriates leaving and returning from the Kingdom.

 The committee also discussed the multiplicity of security and military agencies and responsibilities, the lack of any equipment to receive such numbers and provide the most basic services for them, and rumors about the lack of accurate collection of state revenues, stressing that it will work on fact-finding from the various competent official authorities in all cases that included complaints.  

The committee will continue its work in the coming days.