Emirates Crescent inaugurates the Iftar project for the fasting person in Socotra and Shabwa

English - Sunday 02 April 2023 الساعة 12:11 am
Shabwa, NewsYemen, exclusive:

 The Iftar project for the fasting person is one of the Ramadan humanitarian projects that the Emirates Red Crescent Authority is keen to implement in the liberated Yemeni governorates since announcing its emergency response to the humanitarian crisis left by the absurd war led by the Houthi militia - Iran's arm.

The authority launched the project in the governorates of Shabwa and the Socotra archipelago, where the Iftar project aims to meet the needs of the poorest families, passers-by, patients in hospitals, dialysis centers and cancer patients, in addition to the displaced and alleviating their suffering by providing them with breakfast meals during the days of this holy month.

Three locations in Hadiboh

 The Emirati humanitarian teams were stationed before the iftar time in three main locations in the city of Hadiboh and its environs, where these points distributed 500 ready-made meals to citizens, passers-by, and poor and needy families.

 Volunteers with the authority said that the project aims to distribute 500 fasting meals on a daily basis to hundreds of citizens and passers-by from the archipelago, explaining that the distribution teams are stationed in three points, the first in Shaqmaa round near the University of Socotra, and they distribute 200 meals, and the second in the Majlis of Sultan Ali Isa bin Afrar, 150 meals are distributed, and the third is in the Murree area, next to the gas station, in which 150 meals are distributed.

This step coincides with many charitable initiatives undertaken by the Emirati White Hands, such as distributing Iftar for fasting people in mosques, a competition for memorizers of the Holy Qur’an, furnishing and preparing mosques, and an initiative to reduce the prices of basic foodstuffs, in addition to various charitable and service works in the archipelago that the citizen touches, especially in this blessed month.

Establishing social solidarity

 For his part, the coordinator and field director of the Emirates Red Crescent team in Shabwa, Majid bin Saree, explained that the authority seeks, through this annual project, to consolidate the concept of solidarity and mercy among members of society, which was recommended by our noble Prophet and the true Islamic religion., explaining that the field teams in Shabwa are making great efforts to deliver ready-made meals to the targeted groups in the city of Ataq, who need help and support during this holy month.

 He added that there is a pre-prepared plan for the success of this humanitarian initiative, which the Authority is keen to implement, whether in Shabwa or the rest of the liberated Yemeni governorates, appreciating the generous support provided by the United Arab Emirates through its humanitarian arms, whether in the relief or development aspect, to alleviate the suffering of needy families who  affected by the current crisis in the country.

Emirati fingerprints witness

 While Abdullah Saleh Al-Khulaifi, Director General of the Ataq Directorate - Head of the Local Council, praised the charitable and humanitarian projects of the United Arab Emirates through its humanitarian arm represented by the Emirates Red Crescent Authority, indicating that the humanitarian and charitable fingerprints of the Emirates are still evident and witness to the process of giving and giving pursued by the rulers of the United Arab Emirates since the era of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (may God rest his soul) and his sons completed it after him.

 Stressing that the local authority in the Ataq district will be a help and support for the authority’s team or any humanitarian and charitable body that seeks to provide goodness and assistance to the people of Shabwa.

He concluded his speech by thanking and appreciating the United Arab Emirates for its generous and continuous support in all service fields in the province, stressing that this support is not strange for the United Arab Emirates, which always proves its sincere fraternal stances, that it is a support and aid for their brothers in Shabwa Governorate.

Thanks and appreciation

 In turn, the beneficiaries of the fasting meals in Socotra and Shabwa appreciated this generous initiative from the United Arab Emirates, which has a positive impact, explaining that the ready-made Ramadan meals distributed by the Emirates Crescent teams greatly reduce their suffering in securing breakfast meals for their family members.