The Giants Brigade destroys the yards of smuggling of African immigrants in Lahj

English - Tuesday 30 May 2023 الساعة 04:13 pm
Lahj, NewsYemen, Exclusive:

A military and security campaign led by the forces of the Second Brigade, Giants, raided a site dedicated to smuggling African migrants arriving illegally to the coasts of Lahj Governorate, in the south of the country.

Military sources in Lahj told "NewsYemen" that intelligence information obtained by the security and military forces in Tur al-Baha led to one of the most important smuggling dens in which African migrants arriving in Yemen illegally are detained.

It explained that the smugglers have established, during the last period, a site and yards dedicated to the gathering of African migrants in Al-Dumaisi area in the Tur Al-Baha district, where the smugglers transport the migrants after their arrival on the western coasts in the Lahj governorate towards those yards and detain them for days before they are transferred to different destinations.

According to the sources, units of the Second Giants Brigade clashed with smugglers who are stationed in those yards, which were built for the purpose of detaining and trading migrants. Also, those yards were designated for the collection of prohibited smuggled materials that enter the country by smuggling by sea through the coastal strip adjacent to Lahj Governorate.

Clashes between the campaign forces and smugglers resulted in the death of an African immigrant and the injury of another during the process of liberating a group of immigrants, including women and children, who were being held inside one of those enclosures.

A post by the media center of the forces of the Second Brigade Giants, on its Facebook page, stated: The security campaign surprised the smugglers and those wanted by the security forces and demolished their strongholds, explaining that the campaign managed to arrest some of the smugglers, while some of them managed to escape.

The center confirmed that the campaign forces are still chasing the fugitives until they are arrested, attached pictures of the raid on the yard and the process of removing and tamping it.

The raid coincided with the launching of the forces of the Second Brigade, Giants, a wide military campaign in order to support security and stability efforts and end security chaos in the Tur Al-Baha district.

During the past days, the forces sent large reinforcements led by Brigadier General Hamdi Shukri, commander of the 2nd Brigade Giants, and the forces achieved great security successes in securing the main road known as the Aden-Taiz road, which passes through the areas of Tur Al-Baha of Lahj Governorate.