Houthi militias dismiss 117 academcis

English - الخميس 13 ديسمبر 2018 الساعة 09:58 ص
Sana'a - Newsyemen


Houthi militia issued a decision to dismiss 117 academics at the State-run University of Sana'a at a time when its followers replaced the academics.

Mohammed al-Qadi, an assistant professor at the Faculty of Languages at Sana'a University, published a picture on his Twitter account upon the collective dismissed decision document, which he combined with 116 academics at state university colleges.

"I am one of 117 academicians in which Sana'a University have decided to separate them," said Dr. Mohammed al-Qadi.

The Houthi's resolution described  as a "mass massacre" committed by the militia against the academics of Sana'a University, he said.

Earlier, militia stopped salaries of hundreds of academics at Sana'a University and other government universities under Houthi-controlled areas.

It dismissed 62 academics at Dhamar University and replacing them its followers, replacing them its members who lacking of academic standards.