Hadi calls Inte’l community to pressure on Houthis

English - الاثنين 07 يناير 2019 الساعة 04:57 م
Al-Hodeida – Mocha- NewsYemen.net

President Abdurbo Mansour Hadi called on the international community to pressure on Houthis to leave al-Hodeida and hand over its port.

Hadi did not mention any other options, such as the completion of al-Hodeida liberation that the militias disavowed the Stockholm Agreement and its implementation.

He reiterated the government's keenness on peace based on the three basic principles, as he considered them "the only way to get out of the country" of its current crisis.

Hadi also demanded the pressure on the Houthis to stop attacks on civilians in al-Hodaidah, avoiding the daily incessant attacks on the Joint Resistance Forces that is committed by the Higher Command to implement the ceasefire.

Hadi’s statement came upon his meeting with the US ambassador to Yemen in Riyadh on Sunday.