Al-Hanashi: The Transitional Council broke the international blockade on the southern issue

English - منذ 38 يوم و 17 ساعة و 54 دقيقة
Aden, NewsYemen:

 The southern journalist and editor-in-chief of Al-Marsad newspaper, Hussein Hanashi, confirmed that the transitional council broke the international siege imposed on the southern issue through its political and military actions.

In a post on Facebook, Al-Hanashi explained the most important achievements of the southern cause since the historic Aden declaration.

Al-Hanashi said: Four years since the Aden Declaration, in which the people authorized the experienced southern leader, Aidaroos al-Zubaidi, to choose a leadership representing the south.

What has happened since then at the level of the military presence, political action, and diplomatic mobility of the southern issue?

Al-Hanashi added that at the military level, the capital of the south and the control center were cleaned from the northern Muslim Brotherhood loyalty brigades, and the duplication of security and military files in them and elsewhere was struck, an act that created weight for the rest of the case files, and it was a tremendous act that blew up the ridicule and cynicism of other forces in the south and its people, and created a southern center of gravity and found  a powerful actor.

Al-Hanashi emphasized that at the political level, a politically professional, disciplined, administrative, hierarchical and bureaucratic entity was born with its institutions that carry out professional work away from populism, and scored points in favor of the cause in political negotiations and movements that made an entity and a representative of a cause that was found to be the most prominent of those present on the scene and recognized and imposed himself in the scene  the official.

On the diplomatic level, he continued, the council worked with all the five major powers of the world and the major countries of the region and everyone became recognized and their cause.  There is no briefing of the Security Council or a statement by the ambassador of a major country on Yemen without talking about the south and the transitional and the importance of being covered by any solution and breaking the siege of the southern issue internationally that was before the Aden declaration.

Al-Hanashi concluded his post, Four years in the life of nations are seconds, and what the Southerners achieved in them deserves praise, and this announcement tells us that this council is able, no matter how ridiculous and disdainful there is, to turn the equations whenever it wants and that there is a political mind that weighs every move with a timing and studies all regional, international and internal circumstances.  Subject to frustration or ridicule.