Yemeni political and security researcher: The presidential leadership’s decision regarding Shabwa is a message to the Houthi enemy

English - الثلاثاء 09 أغسطس 2022 الساعة 08:36 م
Shabwa, NewsYemen:

 A Yemeni writer and political and security researcher considered the decisions taken by the Presidential Command Council regarding ending the crisis ignited by the Brotherhood militia in Shabwa, as a message to the terrorist Houthi militia.

Researcher Muhammad Al-Walas Buhaibeh said, in a post on his Facebook account, "The decision of the Presidential Command Council today regarding the events in Shabwa is also a message to the Houthi enemy that no problem can be left to occur between us, and the dispute occurs between brothers, comrades and colleagues, and this is the year and nature of life."

He added that the Presidential Leadership Council sent a firm message to Al-Houthi and everyone that the Leadership Council has the will at any time and at any stage, no matter how some try to describe the Leadership Council as weak.  He went on, and that there are decisions, steps, and positions that will please the friend and discourage the enemy, with the help of God.

Yesterday, the Presidential Leadership Council stood in front of the internal fighting that Shabwa witnessed due to the rebellion of Brotherhood security leaders against the decision of the security committee in the governorate, which dismissed them from their post.

Within hours, the council issued a decision to dismiss the security leaders who had caused the clashes, and replaced them with other leaders from the people of the province to defuse the crisis.

Despite this, the Brotherhood’s security leaders, represented by the former commander of the Special Security Forces, Abed Rabbo Lakab, and the former leader of the Ataq axis, Uzair Nasser Al-Atiqi, continued to escalate, awaiting the arrival of reinforcements from the Marib Brotherhood and the First Military District.