An unprecedented Houthi undeclared state of emergency in Sanaa and Ibb

English - Sunday 01 October 2023 الساعة 04:58 pm
Ibb, NewsYemen, exclusive:

 Over the past two days, the Houthi militia has sent large reinforcements to the streets of Sanaa and Ibb Governorate in particular, in anticipation of any counter-protests against the group's repressive policy.

 Security sources in Sanaa reported that the Houthi militias have strengthened the deployment of their members, reinforced with military vehicles, in various parts of Sanaa and the capital secretariat, with the aim of suppressing any popular protests demanding the release of hundreds of young men who were kidnapped on charges of raising the national flag and celebrating the 61st anniversary of the September 26 Revolution a few days ago.

The sources indicated that senior Houthi leaders declared an undeclared state of emergency to confront any popular anger against the backdrop of arbitrary arrests carried out by their members since the eve of last September 26, explaining that the directives required the deployment of thousands of their members in the alleys, streets and squares of Sanaa, to confront the escalating popular revolution of anger.

 According to human rights sources in Sanaa, the number of those who were kidnapped in connection with the celebrations commemorating the September Revolution reached 1,200 civilians, and they were accused of inciting chaos, sedition, and collaborating with the government and coalition countries.

 It said that the militias rushed to release most of the detainees following the escalation of calls made by activists on social media to go out to protest and reject the brutal policy of repression practiced by the militias against citizens.

The sources confirmed that there are still more than 200 young men detained by the Criminal Investigation Department in Sanaa and a number of police station prisons, and the militias refuse to release them, noting that the Houthi militias refused to return the phones of many of their abductees, while some had their phones returned after all the contents were erased.  

The alert in Sanaa was also accompanied by a similar outbreak in the city of Ibb, which also witnessed popular celebrations during the past few days on the anniversary of the September Revolution.

Local sources said that the Houthi militias brought in their members from Dhamar and Taiz, neighboring Ibb Governorate, to support their efforts in suppressing any popular protests against them, pointing out that the Houthis deployed military vehicles in the main streets and entrances to the main city and in front of squares, mosques and popular markets, amid warnings issued by Houthi leaders in  Ibb bans gatherings.

 What has been happening in Sanaa and Ibb for days reflects the state of panic and tension experienced by the Houthi militias, which are facing mounting popular discontent demanding an end to the brutal acts of repression that targeted those celebrating the anniversary of the September Revolution.

Journalist Omar Al-Salahi said that the Houthi militia is living in a state of extreme terror in Sanaa and the cities that celebrated the anniversary of the September 26 revolution. He explained in his tweet on his account on the “X” website that a heavy security deployment and widespread arrest campaigns are targeting young people who celebrated their National Day and there is no charge or felony against them except  they raised the Republican flag and chanted, “We sacrifice our blood and soul for you, Yemen!” adding: “I am amazed at those who describe themselves as invincible!”

For his part, political analyst Yasser Al-Yafei stressed, in a tweet on his account on the “X” platform, that “the recent protests in Sanaa must turn into a peaceful movement to reject Houthi practices, and the attempt of the Houthi family to own the country with all its capabilities, and to turn people into masters and slaves.”

 He said: "These protests must be supported in all the northern governorates until they turn into a massive revolution that uproots the militia of backwardness and terrorism."